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Zahrah Spade Hookah Starter Pack

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Type: Hookahs

Zahrah Spade Hookah Starter Pack

This is the hookah starter pack you've been waiting for! If you're in the market for your first hookah or looking to add another hookah to your collection, the Zahrah Spade Hookah Starter Pack is for you.

The Zahrah Spade is already at an unbeatable price but then you have to shop around for a matching base, hose and add charcoal and a bowl on top of that. We have taken all of the guess work out for you and are offering this package at an amazing deal, saving you money!

If you were to buy these items individually, you would spend over $230, we are offering the Zahrah Spade Hookah Starter Pack at an unbeatable $169.99. 

Here's what's included in your Zahrah Spade Hookah Starter Pack:

Zahrah Spade Hookah (Color of your choice)

Zahrah Spade Bohemian Base (Color of your choice)

Starbuzz Lightning 2.0 Washable Hookah Hose (Choose from 4 colors)

1kg Box of CocoUrth Cubes

1 Alpaca Rook Bowl (We choose the color and do our best to match it to the rest of your set)

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