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Teak Wookah Hookah with Crystal Base

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Type: Hookahs

Teak Wookah With Crystal Base Product Description

Made with love in Poland, the Teak Wookah Hookah is a thing of beauty! Featuring high quality materials and made with common and rare woods, this is the hookah you have been waiting for. Each base is made with care, featuring high quality crystal and amazing design, seeing it in person will drop your jaw.

The Teak Wookah is built to withstand daily use and features high quality stainless steel innards. With 8 different bases to choose from and a hand crafted wood finish, each hookah will be unique to you!

Which Wookah Finish Is The One For You?

Wookah Hookahs come in a variety of wood finishes, featuring woods ranging from light to dark. Take a look at all of the finishes below and find the one for you!

Wookah Hookahs

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