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Our Top Ten Fumari Flavors!

by Wade Hill November 12, 2017 0 Comments

Our Top Ten Fumari Flavors!

Fumari - a brand that's well-established, and well-liked, for a slew of reason. Arguably the biggest reason is their flavor selection - it's as vast and diverse as the world is wide. And while many brands that have a wide flavor variety really suffer from having so many flavors, Fumari is the exception - while not every single flavor is a winner, I think it's safe to say that 90% of their flavors are winners, and damn good ones at that! Choosing ten was tough, but today, we're going to be talking a little bit about our top ten favorite Fumari flavors!

#10 - Tangelo

Putting this so low was tough for me, personally, because Tangelo is one of my personal favorite Fumari flavors. It's a wonderful hybrid fruit of Tangerine and Grapefruit, and Fumari really knocks the flavor out of the park. It has all of the sweetness of the Tangerine that you can ask for, and some beautiful tart notes that come in afterwards to really round out the flavor. Tart flavors are exceptionally rare in hookah flavors for some reason, so when a great one like this comes along, it really shines, and stands out from the crowd. If you haven't given it a try, I can't recommend it enough!

#9 - Blueberry Muffin

Fall is here, and to me, that means more dessert flavors than ever. Fumari's Blueberry Muffin is actually one of my favorite dessert flavors, as I'm usually not one to go for dessert flavors. Generally, I find them to be too rich, too sweet, or something in between; they just don't sit well with me. This flavor is the exception. It's a wonderfully balanced flavor of muffin spices, and the sweet and slightly candied blueberry. It's a wonderful smoke that I think just about anyone can enjoy, so don't be afraid to bust it out for parties! 

#8 - Mojito Mojo

This flavor was one that really set the tone for this past summer. It's one of the best summer flavors that I've had in a long time - a wonderful take on the actual drink, mojito, you can expect a sweet spearmint flavor with subtle spice notes, to compensate for the fact that rum itself can't actually be in the flavor (smoking Rum probably isn't healthy). While it's a summer hit, this flavor can certainly be enjoyed year-round, and it isn't a flavor to sleep on!

#7 - Ambrosia

This flavor is actually a staff pick, coming from DudeWhere'sMyHookah. I remember at a certain point in time, I was starting to wonder if Rob would ever stop smoking Ambrosia, as it was hitting every bowl that he had for the longest time. Ambrosia is a type of fruit salad, served chilled, but we don't recommend chilling this ambrosia before serving. This Ambrosia is going to be very much like a fruit salad, but there are so many flavors going on, that it's almost too much to pinpoint exactly what's in there. You should expect a super sweet fruit explosion, but sadly, that's the best way we'll be able to describe it. If you're a fan of that, this flavor is right up your alley! 

#6 - Spiced Chai

Fall season is in, and that means three things - Ugg boots, North Face jackets, and Starbucks. While I don't think Fumari could (or should) make a boots or jackets flavor, they've nailed this Starbucks Chai flavor. Chai, for those of you not in the loop, means tea. This is going to be your basic fall drink, just like you'd find at Starbucks. While there are an insane amount of chai's out there, I think that this particular flavor really falls more into the realm of Starbucks than anything. It's a rather bright and pop-like chai, just like you could find at Starbucks. Because of this, it's a wonderful flavor to mix with, as well as smoking alone! 

#5 - Island Papaya

Papayas are an exotic fruit, and they're an odd blend of guava and anise, as Rob puts it in his review of this flavor. This is another tropical flavor that will blow your mind, as there's really nothing quite like it on the market right now. Its flavor is great, but what's even better is its mixing potential. Since this flavor is so unique, it has the potential to mix well with so many flavors. You can use this to make any tropical blend that you could think of, even better! It's a flavor that a lot of people sleep on, but it's a solid one nonetheless. 

#4 - White Peach

I'm a bit of a peach snob, it's true. I was born in Georgia, and I grew up practically devouring Georgia peaches. So when I first got into hookah, you better believe that Al Fakher Peach was in the regular rotation. As I started to smoke less and less Al Fakher, I started trying more and more peach flavors. When I stumbled on this flavor, I hit the jackpot. I think this flavor is severely underrated, and it's one of the best peach flavors on the market. It finds this niche middle ground between candied and natural tasting, and it ends up being this super unique, and insanely delicious peach flavor. This is one of my favorite peach flavors on the market, up there with Tangiers Foreplay on the Peach. If you like peach flavors, this definitely isn't one to pass up!

#3 - Citrus Tea

Another heavily slept on flavor from Fumari - Citrus Tea. This is one of the more unique tea flavors on the market, as the citrus really is the star of the show here, with some subtle tea notes behind those to round it out. This flavor doesn't get nearly the amount of love that other Fumari flavors do, but I feel that's borderline a crime. It's a super refreshing smoke, and one that I find myself going back to again and again. 

#2 - Limoncello 

Limoncello is a flavor that I actually didn't care for at first. It was something that grew on me over time, and I ended up loving it. It's a flavor that now, I end up going back to again and again. Limoncello is a lemon liquor, and seeing it in hookah is something that most people never would have anticipated. That said, it ends up tasting delicious. It's a very light lemon flavor, and it's a little bit difficult to mix as a result of that, but it's that subtlety that makes the flavor really shine. It's not weak by any means, but rather, it's not trying to be right up in your face. It's a wonderfully balanced flavor, and it's one that I think everyone could appreciate.

#1 - White Gummi Bear

One of Fumari's most popular flavors - White Gummi Bear. Many people say it tastes like soap, but I couldn't disagree more. White Gummi Bear is exactly what it sounds like - a white gummi bear flavor. These are pineapple flavored, however White Gummi Bear certainly seems to have more behind it, but we're going to leave that up to you. 


Fumari is a brand that has been around for quite some time now, and they've managed to stay relevant and consistent throughout the years. Since they backed down on their juice content about a year ago or so, it has been in my regular rotation. It's not something that will knock you on your ass like a dark leaf, but it's also not something that will make you question if you're even smoking or not. Fumari is a great middle of the road brand, and it's something that I think everyone can appreciate to some degree. But what do you think? Did any of your favorite flavors make the list? What did we miss? Let us know in those comments down below! As always guys, thank you so much for reading, and happy smokes!

Wade Hill
Wade Hill


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